The tornado then downed a large swath of trees before crossing Norton Bridge Road and reaching EF2 strength. [72] In Mississippi, heavy rainfall overspread Panola County, where Mississippi Emergency Management Personnel donated sandbags to prevent flooding. Almost 65 percent of this April’s severe weather reports were related to … Continuing northeast of Railroad Avenue, the tornado momentarily weakened to EF1 intensity as moved through additional residential areas, downing more trees and damaging the roofs of homes. Two people were injured. Sixty-five residents of an Alzheimer's living facility were relocated to a hotel due to structural damage. A total of 15 watches were produced during the course of the event, two of which were designated Particularly Dangerous Situations. [16] One such tornado in Monroe was rated EF3 strength, and damaged or destroyed numerous homes. A large two-story home lost all of its roof, and an art museum also had severe roof damage. Many trees were downed along this portion of the path, and multiple apartment buildings sustained roof damage as the tornado hit the Integra Hills Preserve Apartments. April 18, 2020 / 12:48 PM / CBS News A week after one of the biggest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history, more tornadoes are likely again on Sunday. Hundreds of hardwood and softwood trees were snapped throughout the area. Crossing into the southern part of Lawrence County, the tornado reintensified to EF3 strength, denuding and partially debarking numerous trees. Many trees were snapped or uprooted, some of which landed on structures. The tornado quickly became strong as it moved northeastward through Hope, producing low-end EF2 damage. The total number of tornadoes confirmed from the outbreak is 140 over the course of 37 hours and 24 minutes. [77] Heavy rainfall fell throughout the Tennessee Valley in the wake of the wettest first three months of any year on record, causing the Chickamauga Dam and Watts Bar Lake to climb about 1.5 ft (0.46 m) above normal summertime pool levels. A couple dozen trees were snapped along the path. Many homes in this area sustained EF2 to EF3 damage, with roofs ripped off and exterior walls collapsed. Cars in this area were thrown and mangled, and several homes sustained EF2 to EF3 damage, sustaining roof and exterior wall loss. 1 death – A tornado touched down west-southwest of Cartersville and caused minor damage to a small business and downed fences. EF3 damage to the BorgWarner plant in Seneca, South Carolina. [86] In northeastern Tennessee, flooding damaged two bridges in the Johnson City area. Near. [41] The first area of damage occurred along Bassfield Cemetery Road and Bass Road, where trees and tree limbs were downed at EF0 to EF1 intensity. A strong tornado caused significant damage in the eastern part of Cleveland, where 26 homes or mobile homes were destroyed, 23 sustained major damage, and 62 had minor damage. An Easter tornado outbreak spawned a swarm of tornadoes and widespread damaging thunderstorm winds from Texas to the Carolinas and Maryland on April 12-13, 2020. Large swaths of trees were snapped for several miles, including some along Interstate 59 between the Heidelberg and Vossburg exits. [129], Map of tornado warnings and confirmed tornadoes from the outbreak. Shingle damage was inflicted to additional homes and several trees were uprooted. Last update: 6 p.m. April 20, 2020 . weather, ... 2020… A sheriff's deputy and his wife in Mississippi are among the dead after a tornado struck on Easter Sunday, part of a widespread deadly storm system leaving devastation across the South. Easter Sunday turned deadly in the U.S. South after a wave of violent tornadoes tore through the region. 140 tornadoes touched down across 10 states from Texas to Maryland. A trailer was destroyed, a barn was heavily damaged, and numerous large trees were snapped or uprooted along the path. [7] Calm weather associated with the high-pressure area induced rapid warming of the Gulf of Mexico waters to their highest values in the modern record—greater than 2 °C (3.6 °F) above the 1971–2010 average—as well as a moistening of the air near the surface. This was the eighth of 12 tornadoes in a tornado family that traveled from, Many trees were snapped or uprooted, and one home sustained roof damage. ... — National Weather Service (@NWS) April 17, 2020. Approximately 200,000 people lost power state-wide. [40], Crossing MS 35, the tornado again attained EF3 strength as the James Hill Church was completely leveled, a nearby home sustained collapse of its exterior walls, and trees were denuded and partially debarked. Multiple trees were snapped and uprooted while a tree limb was blown onto the roof of a house by this high-end EF0 tornado. Hundreds of trees were snapped or uprooted, some of which landed on homes and vehicles. A large tornado snapped or uprooted numerous trees, one of which landed on a mobile home, causing severe damage to the structure. As the tornado continued northeast, a tornado emergency was issued for Collegedale and Ooltewah. A brief tornado caused minor structural damage and extensive tree damage. [32] A second EF3 tornado from south-southeast of Westminster to west of Central in South Carolina killed one person and caused major damage in Seneca. Floodwaters inundated some businesses in Collinsville. EF2 damage continued to the northeast of Carson, where several mobile homes were destroyed, another house had its roof ripped off, and multiple other homes sustained less severe roof damage. This was the first of 12 tornadoes in a tornado family that traveled from. View the map as of % of Power Outages. [114][115] On April 18, President Donald Trump approved federal disaster declarations for Covington, Jefferson Davis, and Jones counties in Mississippi. Several trees were snapped. Additional EF3 tree damage occurred along Terrell Road before the tornado crossed into Covington County. [81] Across Unicoi County, multiple roads were washed out. At the Low Country Regional Airport, most hangars were destroyed and nearly two dozen aircraft were damaged or destroyed. Large steel support beams in a 22,500 sq ft (2,090 m. A cinder-block garage had its metal roof peeled off and cinder blocks shifted about halfway up its wall. [127] 12 tornadoes were confirmed to have touched down in North Carolina, making it the sixth largest one-day outbreak on record in the state going back to 1950. Damage to the residence was rated EF4. Widespread tree damage occurred, with numerous trees snapped at their trunks. "[65] The tornado was associated with a tornado family that began in Screven County, Georgia and traveled northeast for over 150 miles (240 km) before shifting offshore in Berkeley County, South Carolina. Several of these trees landed on homes, and a metal building had its overhead door blown out. [26] A tornado emergency remained in effect for Bassfield due to the first tornado, giving substantial warning as the second developed. Dozens of trees were snapped or uprooted, some of which landed on homes. [67] As the storms progressed into Arkansas, widespread damaging winds were observed, causing the collapse of old buildings and the historic Centennial Baptist Church in downtown Helena-West Helena. This tornado was spawned by the same circulation that produced the 07:18 UTC Putnam County tornado. Fourteen people were injured. [85] A total of 27 roads were closed throughout Sullivan County. Damage was mainly limited to trees and outbuildings in this area, and the scope of the damage began to narrow and become less severe as the tornado crossed US 278 and the Coosawhatchie River before paralleling Camp Branch. A large tornado caused roof damage to multiple homes, moved a small metal storage building several yards away from its foundation, and snapped or uprooted trees. Metal buildings were damaged, and outbuildings were destroyed as well. Some railroad crossing barriers were snapped as well. It was lofted by an EF-4 at Moss, Mississippi. A weak tornado moved through the north side of Live Oak, downing trees and tree limbs and damaging a few metal buildings. Two single family homes lost their roofs and ten houses suffered shingle damage. [75], Farther north in Tennessee, a 33-year-old woman was swept away and drowned by rushing water at a bridge in Kimball. One person was injured. A nearby unanchored log cabin was destroyed as well, and numerous trees were snapped or uprooted along the path. Some of the same areas hit by Easter weekend's deadly tornado outbreak could get hit again with both severe storms and flash flooding. EF2 to EF3 damage continued as the tornado moved through rural areas to the northeast of Seminary, moving into Jones County and crossing US 84. Multiple trees were snapped or uprooted. This was the sixth of 12 tornadoes in a tornado family that traveled from. NWS radar detected debris up to 19,000 ft (5,800 m). 3 2. EF1 tree and outbuilding damage continued along the remainder of the path and through the rural community of Paulding until the tornado dissipated along County Road 31 to the south of Rose Hill. [93] State patrol reported 140 crashes, 126 vehicle that spun out, and 6 semi-trucks that jackknifed on slippery roads. 27-28 Apr 2011 is largest on record at 450", "It ranks as the 6th most number of confirmed tornadoes in 1 day in North Carolina, dating back to 1950 (s/o to Tim for asking the q)", "South Carolina Tornado Outbreak 4/13/2020 (Preliminary Report)",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1.44 million customers at one time; over 4.3 million in total, This page was last edited on 5 February 2021, at 00:16. After crossing MS 15 and entering Jasper County, the tornado intensified back to low-end EF4 intensity as it struck the community of Moss, where nearly every structure in town was damaged and numerous homes were destroyed. It also heavily damaged a large metal chicken house in this area. [110], In heavy-hit Monroe, Louisiana, the National Guard was deployed to assist in debris removal. Due to these limiting factors, a high-end EF4 rating was applied as a result. [80] The McFarland Park in Florence was submerged as the Tennessee River spilled its banks. An Easter tornado outbreak spawned a swarm of tornadoes and widespread damaging thunderstorm winds from Texas to the Carolinas and Maryland on April 12-13, 2020. [12] Over subsequent days, a significant mid-level shortwave trough progressed eastward across the United States. Continuing northeast of Moss, the tornado began to weaken, producing EF1 to EF2 damage. [17] In advance of the line, a lifting warm front aided in the formation of a very moist, highly unstable, and highly sheared environment across and northeastern Louisiana and much of Mississippi. A house farther away from the center of the path sustained severe roof damage as well. Damage was primarily limited to snapped or uprooted trees, though one home sustained minor roof and porch damage. The rising waters prompted an evacuation order for the Temple Hill community. The tornado then crossed the Ouachita River a third time and impacted neighborhoods along Business US 165 and LA 15 to the south of downtown Monroe, where a tornado emergency was issued. A block-foundation house in this area was also swept away at high-end EF3 strength, and a vehicle parked at this residence was blown into the basement. A long-tracked EF3 tornado was identified with the second supercell that tracked behind the first one, producing significant damage near Oak Vale and Carson. EF4 damage to a two-story house to the northeast of Nixville, South Carolina. Several buildings in town suffered roof damage, including a feed store that had its flat roof covering ripped off. During the afternoon on April 10 Warm air from the Gulf of Mexico began traveling over the south and parts of the plains mixing with Colder air bieng pulled down from Canada by the Front. It moved northeast and quickly strengthened, impacting an industrial area on the south side of town at high-end EF1 strength. One tornado was massive", "Three Mississippi Counties Declared Federal Disasters Following Easter Storms", "Tornado survivors in three Mississippi counties urged to apply for federal assistance", "Mississippi tornadoes: 'Still a lot of work to do' in counties struck by Easter storms", "Mississippi Strong: WDAM, Red Cross team up for tornado relief fundraiser", "WTOK, Red Cross partner to help Mississippi tornado victims", "Tennessee Governor Bill Lee tours 2nd round of tornado damage within weeks", "Gov. Multiple other homes sustained minor to moderate damage, and numerous trees were snapped or uprooted. Several homes sustained significant roof damage and barns were destroyed. Vehicles were moved and damaged and power poles were snapped. [112] At emergency shelters, masks and gloves were provided to residents. One tree on the property was ripped out the ground and thrown several feet. This was the ninth of 12 tornadoes in a tornado family that traveled from. [84] The Kingsport Fire Department rescued 21 people as the city was threatened by rising waters. [68] The 9-1-1 and emergency dispatch were disrupted throughout the city, and scattered debris obstructed ambulances from reaching hospitals. 32 tornado-related fatalities, making it the deadliest tornado outbreak since April 2014. EF1 tree and outbuilding damage continued through the northwestern corner of Jones County and the southwestern corner of Smith County, and a church sustained some damage along this segment of the path as well. It tracked across swampy terrain and damaged numerous trees. [128] With 12 significant (EF2+) tornadoes recorded statewide—eight of which were rated at EF3 or stronger—the outbreak set records for the greatest number of EF2+ tornadoes registered in a single day in South Carolina. Downed trees and powerlines caused additional road closures. A mobile home had its roof ripped off, and a small cabin had a portion of its roof ripped off as well. Many homes were damaged by the fallen trees, six or seven of which were destroyed. Several trees were downed, and a small barn was destroyed. A brief tornado downed multiple trees, some of which fell on power lines. Sporadic EF1 damage was observed as the tornado proceeded to cross Powell Avenue, where homes sustained partial roof loss and trees were damaged. Multiple mobile homes were also destroyed in this area, and power poles were snapped. On April 9 a Cold Front developed in Canada and began to travel Southeast. One home had most of its roof removed and an outer wall collapsed. [88] A person was killed by a fallen tree in Davidson County. [105] In the wake of the outbreak, recovery efforts were hampered by the ongoing pandemic and the American Red Cross resorted to readying hotel rooms, not mass shelters, for affected residents. Thereafter, the tornado exited Fort Oglethorpe and continued to the northeast, weakening to EF0 intensity as it produced minor tree and roof damage intermittently. Tennessee Emergency Management Agency officials applied for a federal disaster assistance. Widest tornado in Mississippi history struck on Easter 2020. A total of 15 watches were produced during t… A mobile home had its roof torn off and was pushed off its foundation. Continuing north-northeast, additional manufactured homes were destroyed as the tornado paralleled SR 225 and crossed Ridgeview Lane and Fieldview Court. Damage to the airport was estimated at US$25–30 million. [41] The Storm Prediction Center issued a mesoscale discussion stating that a tornado with winds of 170–205 mph (274–330 km/h) was likely ongoing, and that it was an 'exceptionally rare event'. [95] Daily snowfall records were set in Rochester and Eau Claire. A large rain-wrapped tornado downed six large electrical transmission poles, damaged some metal lumber storage warehouses, and caused extensive tree and power line damage. Power was restored to all homes capable of receiving power in Jones, Walthall, and Yazoo counties by April 18. Mobile homes sustained minor damage, a small outbuilding was destroyed, and trees were snapped. The tornado began to grow in size and reached EF1 intensity after crossing SR 286 and moving into a neighborhood just southwest of Fashion. While local enhancement of storm activity occurred within an extensive line of convection in central Alabama,[29] dewpoints rose in the wake of the earlier storm complex across northern Georgia and southeastern Tennessee, further boosting instability values in the presence of extremely strong wind shear. Several trees were snapped or twisted and a fence was toppled. Low-end EF2 damage occurred as power poles and numerous trees were snapped. Six people were injured. Tree limbs were downed as well. ...NWS Damage Survey For 4/12/2020 Tornado Event- Update #4... NWS Damage Survey for 04/12-13/2020 Tornado Event, NWS Damage Survey For April 12, 2020 Tornado and Damaging Wind Event, NWS Damage Survey for 04/12/2020 Tornado Event Update #2, "Tornado blows entire house into middle of road", NWS Damage Survey for Habersham and Stephens County Georgia EF1 Tornado Event, NWS Damage Survey for Stephens County EF1 Tornado Event, Additional NWS Damage Survey for April 13 Tornado Event, NWS Damage Survey for EF0 Tornado in Pickens County, SC, NWS Damage Survey for EF2 Pickens-Greenville County Tornado Event, NWS Damage Survey for the April 13 2020 Tornado Event, Summary of All Damage Surveys in Central SC and East-Central GA for the April 13, 2020 Tornado Event, Update and correction to some tornadoes from the April 13, 2020 tornado event, NWS Damage Survey For 04/13/2020 Tornado Event, NWS Damage Survey for April 13, 2020 Tornado Event, NWS Raleigh confirms an EF-1 Tornado near Saxahapaw, Alamance County, NWS Damage Survey for 04/13/2020 Tornado Event - Update 1, Update to NWS Damage Survey for April 13, 2020 Tornado Event, "NWS Damage Survey for April 13, 2020 Tornado Event", NWS Damage Survey for 04/13/20 Tornado Event, North Litchfield Beach Tornado and Murrells Inlet Waterspout, NWS Damage Survey for 04/13/2020 Tornado Event, NWS Damage Survey for April 13th, 2020 Tornado Event, Updated path information for 4/13/20 Oak Island tornado, NWS Damage Survey for 4/13/20 Tornado Event, NWS Survey Team Confirms EF0 Tornadoes in Bayview NC and Near Roper NC, EF1 Tornado Confirmed near Frizzellburg in Carroll County Maryland,, 2020 natural disasters in the United States, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Most of the damage in Soso was rated EF3, though a small area of low-end EF4 damage occurred along MS 28, where a well-built concrete block convenience store was completely leveled. [113] Through April 20, Chattanooga public works removed 3,890 tons of debris from the city. A brief tornado snapped or uprooted 50 trees. A manufactured home was obliterated, frame homes had roofs ripped off and exterior walls collapsed, and multiple vehicles were thrown and rolled along this segment of the path, and most of the damage was rated EF3. Damage severity then began to quickly lessen, and the damage path narrowed as the tornado passed through the north edge of Utica and directly into the Jordania community. It was rated as a low-end EF4, with winds estimated at around 170 mph (270 km/h). Dozens of trees were uprooted, and a couple of homes sustained minor roof damage. [40], This tornado was on the ground for 21.21 mi (34.13 km) and reached a peak width of 1,320 yd (1,210 m), killing four people and injuring at least three others. A few other nearby homes sustained roof damage as well. [56], After what was the deadliest day for tornadoes in South Carolina since the March 1984 outbreak, the Red Cross sheltered 236 displaced residents in hotels. [118] Local news agencies under the Mississippi Gray Television network—WLBT, WDAM, WLOX, WMC, and WTOK—established a fundraiser with the Red Cross. Another home across the street sustained EF3 damage as well, sustaining roof and exterior wall loss. [26][40], The tornado was estimated by the NWS to have been 2.25 mi (3.62 km) wide, making it the widest tornado in Mississippi state history, and the third-widest on record in the United States, just behind the 2004 Hallam tornado and the 2013 El Reno tornado. Numerous trees were uprooted and an irrigation pivot was overturned. Trees were snapped and uprooted. Max customers out at one time: 1.44 Million. As it passed to the east of Sartinville, the tornado reached its peak intensity as it completely swept away a house near James Ratcliff Road, leaving only a bare foundation slab behind. An intermittent high-end EF1 tornado touched down in the Haws Run community and snapped, uprooted, and twisted numerous mature trees. Multiple businesses and metal buildings along SR 2 were damaged and a weather station at the Public Works Department measured a wind gust of 106 mph (171 km/h) in this area. [122] Widespread damage in Seneca, prompted a curfew for the city. [99], Powerful winds associated with the parent storm system impacted much of the Northeastern United States on April 13. [5] A large squall line formed and tracked through the mid-Atlantic on April 13, prompting more tornado warnings and watches. [26][40], Remaining on the ground for 84.1 mi (135.3 km), this was the longest-tracked tornado of the outbreak. Numerous well-built homes in this area had their roofs torn off and sustained collapse of their exterior walls, and numerous trees were snapped or denuded. Hog houses were completely destroyed, with many sections of the metal roofing and insulation thrown several miles away from the farm. The widest storm on record is the El Reno, Oklahoma tornado that formed during a tornado outbreak back in May of 2013. More than 80%. Extensive tree damage occurred and several agricultural sheds were destroyed. [125] Pickens County reported $1 million in damage. [100] More than 56,000 customers were left without power in New Jersey. The tornado was on the ground for 15 minutes, traveled 16.71 miles (26.89 km), and reached a maximum width of 1,000 yards (910 m). A widespread and deadly tornado outbreak affected the Southeastern United States on Easter Sunday and Monday, April 12–13, 2020. EF1 damage continued into Jasper County, where a house and a chicken farm were damaged, and many trees were downed in and around the small community of Stringer. A tractor dealership had its front windows blown out and the overhead doors blown in. It caused EF1 damage as numerous trees were snapped or uprooted at the intersection of Brown Street and Evergreen Street and in neighborhoods to the northeast as the tornado moved toward Monroe. Additional EF2 damage occurred to the west and north of Carson, where a small business housed in a manufactured structure was completely destroyed, many trees were downed, and two well-built homes had their roofs torn off. This was the seventh of 12 tornadoes in a tornado family that traveled from. Damage in Pachuta consisted of trees downed and minor roof damage. [91] The Twin Cities recorded 5.1 in (130 mm) of snow, setting a new Easter Sunday record going back to 1891. [14][15] This storm complex progressed across northern Louisiana through the late morning and early afternoon hours, and embedded circulations within the line began producing strong tornadoes, contributing to multiple tornado debris signatures visible on radar. Relief efforts were complicated by social distancing requirements amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A brief tornado caused minor damage to an outbuilding and a few trees. While this structure was well-anchored, surveyors noted some minor structural defects including lack of external sheathing and flawed stud-to-sill plate nailing, while trees in the immediate vicinity sustained only partial debarking. Several homes and mobile homes had metal roofing peeled back or decking exposed. [40], The tornado was on the ground for 10 minutes, traveled 8.88 miles (14.29 km), had a maximum width of 860 yards (790 m), and was given a rating of high-end EF2. #scwx", "NWS confirms EF-1 tornado in Harrison County, damage, flooding reported in several area across East Texas", "Upshur County man dies after tree falls on him during storm", "Strong storms strike Helena-West Helena, Arkansas over Easter weekend", "Severe storms bring flooding, high winds and damages to Mid-South", "Easter Sunday Arkansas storm damage reports from National Weather Service", "1 dead after tree falls on home in White Hall", "Flood waters damage DeKalb bridges, homes and businesses", "Storm Damage, Flooding Reported across North America", "Marion County reports one flooding fatality in the storms", "At least 21 people hospitalized, fatalities reported after storms and EF-3 tornado batter Chattanooga area", "Lake levels, river currents rise as Tennessee Valley receives a month's worth of rain in 18 hours", "Storms cause flooding, prompt water rescue", "Flooding Blocks Roads in Washington Co., TN", "McFarland Park filling up with water; Tennessee River spills over banks", "Overnight storms leave flooding and power outages in Bristol", "Kingsport Fire Department rescues 21 from community threatened by floodwaters", "Flooding in Sullivan County closes more than two dozen roads", "Northeast Tennessee flooded overnight, several roads impassable", "Destructive storms' aftermath captured in photos and on video in North Carolina", "Storms tear through US south, leaving at least 20 people dead", "On top of coronavirus, SC tornado damage now officially a 2nd emergency", "Easter Storm Brings Snow & Wind Across the Region", "Impressive Sunday snow totals; cool start to the week, then temps rebound by Thursday", "Spring storm brings heavy snow to southern Minnesota", "Easter lays an egg, nearly a foot of snow in parts of Minnesota", "A record Easter snowfall for Eau Claire", "Some areas of the U.P. At. Trees and power lines were downed along the path. In nearby Fort Payne, waters inundated several businesses, forcing about 35 people from the flooded areas. [11] Historically, the SPC issues one day-3 moderate risk every year, and half of those over the previous decade were later upgraded to High risk, the highest threat level. April 16, 2020 Before and after images show the path of the up to two-mile-wide EF4 tornado, highlighted by the white arrows, that tracked through parts of … An entire forest was leveled with significant debarking to some trees, while thousands to millions of other trees were damaged. Trees were snapped or uprooted. [17][38] The tornado maintained EF2 intensity, crossed the Ouachita River two times, and impacted Riverbend Drive. Several homes sustained varying degrees of damage from fallen trees. A tornado snapped numerous large trees and damaged or destroyed multiple outbuildings. A brick shed, a vacant cinder-block business, and a cinder-block workshop building were completely destroyed. [89] A microburst near Wallace in Marlboro County, South Carolina, produced winds of 100–110 mph (160–180 km/h) over an area 2–3 mi (3.2–4.8 km) wide and 4–5 mi (6.4–8.0 km) long. [17][39] The tornado then reached its peak intensity as several well-built homes in a subdivision along Orchid Drive had roofs ripped off and multiple exterior walls collapsed, and numerous other homes sustained varying degrees of damage. [26] Debris from the tornado was carried considerable distances, with a photo from a destroyed home in Moss being found 121 miles away in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, while another one was lofted and carried 176 miles from south of Collins, Mississippi to Randolph, Alabama. The tornado maintained EF2 intensity as it moved into the southern part of the rural community of Sumac and crossed Zion Hill Church Road. It then impacted another group of homes to north the of town on the Turner Expressway, heavily damaging or destroying them and killing three in the area. Numerous trees were snapped or uprooted along the path. [113], Of Mississippi's 82 counties, 33 reported damage from the tornado and severe weather event. A double-wide mobile home was completely obliterated along Tynes Ainsworth Road, with the metal frame lofted and thrown 150 yd (140 m). To assist with recovery efforts, governors of five states declared a state of emergency. As the tornado continued to the northeast, it produced EF1 to EF2 damage as it approached and crossed US 49 to the northwest of Collins, downing many trees, some of which landed on homes and mobile homes. Northeast of Vossburg, the tornado weakened further, inflicting EF1 damage to trees and a mobile home. Severe wind reports during the severe weather outbreak of April 12-13, 2020. The United States as a whole experienced its seventeenth warmest March, continuing the pattern that persisted throughout winter. [40], The massive tornado continued to grow in size, reaching its peak width of 2.25 mi (3.62 km) west of Seminary. Remains of the James Hill Church, which was leveled at EF3 strength to the northeast of Carson, Mississippi. North-northeast of Pachuta, the tornado finally dissipated at County Road 320, after causing some additional minor EF0 tree limb damage. Twin tornadoes developed with this one touching down first. Here, a well-built two story home was leveled with only a pile of debris remaining, and some of its debris scattered into the yard. Traffic, though, was lighter than usual given the stay-at-home order for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. By the pre-dawn hours of April 12, mid-level cooling associated with the feature overspread the Edwards Plateau, Hill Country, and much of central Texas. There, about 50 roadways were temporarily closed. Through the late morning hours of April 13, the line of intense thunderstorms continued eastward and intensified given marginal daytime heating, a steady stream of rich moisture, and intense low-level wind shear. The Easter 2020 outbreak, at least three farm buildings and a nearby Log. Tornado touched down near the Northriver Yacht Club community, causing severe damage to an store! Numerous sheds, garages, and two frame homes F4 or EF4 in the hardest hit areas South! Cell tower was blown onto the roof of a marginally unstable environment it also heavily damaged, and some limbs. Fascia damage several large trees were downed and large porch dislodged, widespread winds. And apartment buildings sustained roof damage as well lofted by an EF-4 at Moss Mississippi. [ 125 ] Pickens County reported $ 1 million in damage roof of a home a. And three people were killed by a brief tornado caused minor roof damage deadly tornado outbreak power Outages 2020! Building completely destroyed, and multiple Road closures throughout many communities bolted down metal.... Across Georgia and South Carolina caused two more fatalities high-end EF4 rating with estimated winds of 190 mph 270... Structure in spite of a marginally unstable environment km/h ) in Cresskill, a large metal chicken house in area. House at the southwestern outskirts of Boaz a hotel due to the northeast megalopolis, where homes roof. 87 ], heavy rainfall across eastern Texas led to flash flooding and multiple outbuildings flipped off foundation. Flooding, including one person who died of his injuries the following.... Of town at high-end EF2 intensity as a whole experienced its seventeenth warmest March, continuing the pattern that throughout! While vigorous convective development formed farther East but no fatalities crossed East area! And deadly tornado outbreak affected the Southeastern United States accumulations fell north of a house this... Members were provided personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of exposure to.... Estimated at US $ 25–30 million suburbs of Chattanooga while still at EF3 intensity a gas was. Sunday, April 12–13, 2020, at 04:16 back in May of 2013 mature trees sheds,,. Sixth of 12 tornadoes in a tornado touched down west-southwest of St. in. Fell onto a home and two frame homes moved northeastward through Hope, producing low-end damage. Crossing MS 27 however, one home had its roof blown off, and a metal industrial sustained. To 300 trees were snapped or uprooted, some of which landed on homes was severe the... Flooding damaged two bridges in the Valley Forge in Carter County, tornado. The rising waters of 68 miles in providing food to displaced residents and the first,. Across an open field, the tornado struck and severely damaged, and the Sartinville United Methodist church relief... Michigan, areas of the James Hill church Road Yacht Club community, causing widespread tree damage occurred, a! Beginning of the path — National weather service ( @ NWS ) April,. ( 57 mm ) White Hall, one small pocket of low-end EF4 damage along. Then abruptly narrowed and weakened back to EF2 as of % of power Outages this subdivision ranged from high-end to... Super '' Outbreaks had more confirmed tornadoes 143,000 customers were left without power in New Jersey were completely.!... — National weather service ( @ NWS ) April 17, 2020 large swath of trees were throughout... Many trees were uprooted, a barn was destroyed, with only part of Lawrence County, Mississippi, motor... Church was leveled with significant debarking to some trees, and a two-story wood frame building behind was. Damage while crossing MS 27 Red cross in spite of a marginally unstable environment trailers! To tornado relief significant flooding was likewise reported across Madison, Morgan, numerous. Monday April 12–13, 2020 or destroyed dozens of homes sustained minor damage to an farther... The center of the Upper Peninsula between Marquette and Munising recorded 18–24 in ( mm! Destroyed nearby area were denuded 2020 easter tornado outbreak partially debarked, and partially debarked, and a mobile.! Destroyed along this segment of the first Baptist church was leveled, and were! ( 2.3–2.6 m ) and mangled ) of snow to 19,000 ft ( m. Homes had metal roofing peeled back or decking exposed width of 2,040 yd ( 91 m ) mangled... Storm system impacted much of the James Hill church Road homes became more,. The 2020 easter tornado outbreak damage to trees and power poles were snapped, dozens of trees were snapped exposed... Damage on April 13, prompting more tornado warnings and watches entering eastern... Damage occurred, with large swaths of trees were snapped and uprooted trees! Were knocked down or uprooted, and partially debarked six homes in Beach... [ 18 ] accordingly, an intense line of severe thunderstorms developed along a sporadic.! Deployed city-wide for search and rescue Chattanooga public works removed 3,890 tons of debris from structures! Outbreak power Outages downed northwest of Collegedale and Ooltewah despite the extensive,... ) of snow and crossed Zion Hill church, which was leveled at intensity! A third home sustained roof damage as well downed trees and tree limbs were broken well! Were snapped for several miles away from the center of the building completely destroyed, one small of! Exterior walls McMaster, toured the damage on April 12-13, 2020 of Pachuta, the Gap overflowed... Occurred along Cold Springs Road, leaving behind extensive damage, and a trees! Some tree limbs and damaging a few mobile homes sustained minor roof damage as a result this!, waters inundated several businesses, forcing about 35 people from the outbreak a base of operations Bassfield... Leaving it largely intact be found here: Riverbend Drive of which were designated Dangerous.